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Welcome To OACP
Who is the OACP?
     The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police represents all law enforcement executive leaders and their administrative command staff personnel in promoting professionalism  in law enforcement throughout Oklahoma.  Our membership consist of various agencies and state-wide municipal departments.  OACP Members are Federal, State, DPS, County, Municipal, Tribal, District Attorneys, Corporate Security, Campus, Rail, Air, Transportation and more.

      The objective of the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police is to advance the science and art of law enforcement administration including, but not limited to; community policing and crime prevention; to develop knowledge of law enforcement practices and procedures; to foster law enforcement cooperation; and the exchange of information and experience of law enforcement administrators throughout the State of Oklahoma; to bring about enlistment and training of qualified persons in the law enforcement profession; study current and future legislation effecting law enforcement and make recommendations which would enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and organizations for the mutual benefit  of law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma; and the encourage adherence of all of law enforcement to the highest professional standards of conduct.
To Promote Excellence in Law Enforcement through Professional Development, Ethical Standards, Technical Support and Communications.
Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police
Did You Know ? 
OACP Partners with the Community
    Police Chiefs Command Staff Administrative School
Under state statute, any person becoming a police chief in Oklahoma must attend a 40 hour class to be certified as a police chief within one year of appointment or election.
Oklahoma 8th Grade Essay Contest
"Hazards of Marijuana Use"

      Each April, the OACP sponsors the 8th grade essay contest for students throughout Oklahoma. Finalist are selected in 6 different regions of the state. Winners are rewarded cash prizes for bringing awareness through writing about student use of marijuana and it's hazardous effects.
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      Now is the time to register for the 2016 Annual Training Conference. This year, we're presenting a very positive message in presenting some very special guest to promote "Integrity in Leadership through Community Values".

    There will be over 140 Exhibitors at the conference on Tuesday for the Law Enforcement Products and Services Showcase. Now is the time to see all of the new products and services these folks represent. This day is set aside from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM for all of to see. There is no cost to attend the exhibits. The only requirement is that you must be law enforcement or accompanied by a representative of law enforcement.
OACP 40th Annual
Training Conference
and  Exhibitor Showcase 
Who Attends  Our Conference?
Chief Law Enforcement Executives
Administrative Support
& Command Staff

ARIDE Advanced Roadside Imparied Driving Enforcement
Through a grant made possible by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, the OACP provides free classes for law enforcement accross Oklahoma. The 16 hour class teaches officers not only a refresher in SFST, but to recognize possible DUI resulting from substance abuse.
OACP College Scholarship Program.
OACP awards a $500.00 sccholarship to recently graduated high school students who have a desire to earn a degree in a law enforcement course. OACP awards the one scholarship each in each of the 6 regions of Oklahoma.
Are you ready to golf?
5th Annual Byron Cox
Invitational Golf Tournament
Golf Course Qualifying Rules
1. You must realize that the game of golf is 80% mental, 10% skill and 10% luck.
2. No matter how bad you are playing it's always possible to play worse.
3. When there is a bad swing due to your inability to focus, all curse words must be less than five total in each sentence.
4. When your shot has to carry over water, you can either hit one more club or two more balls.
5. If you're afraid a full shot might reach the green while the foursome ahead is still putting out, you have two options: you can immediately shank a lay up shot, or you can wait until they are clear and top a ball halfway there.
6. If you are less of a skilled player, we expect you to share to your partners about your ideas what you would do if your were them  to your partners about their golf swings.